Tamara Shepherd received her PhD in the Joint Doctorate in Communication at Concordia University in Montréal, Canada. She has published and presented papers on aspects of labour, literacy, and rights in user-generated content and new media policy, from a feminist political economy perspective. Her dissertation is titled “Persona Rights in Young People’s Labour of Online Cultural Production: Implications for New Media Policy” (2012).

Juliet Lammers has worked in film, radio, print, and new media. Her passion is stories – telling them, listening to them, and documenting them. Her academic background, first in German literature, and later in communication and media studies has provided her with the opportunity to contemplate stories and storytelling through various mediums. She has followed and interviewed Nigerien rappers in West Africa, drag queens and burlesque performers in Montreal, squatters in Berlin, as well as a variety of musicians, artists, writers, performers, and politicians through her radio work at CKUT. She was a co-founder of Pop Montreal’s film festival component Film Pop and developed the first iteration of CKUT Radio’s Kids Radio Camp. Juliet is currently co-directing a documentary film called Last Woman Standing about two Canadian women boxers.

Claire Kenway has a background in music and sound art stemming from the time she was in the womb. The daughter of a violinist and a mad scientist, her DNA contains a unique and special blend of creativity and academic smarts. Endlessly intrigued by the intersections between sound, space, experience, and emotion, Claire has been performing internationally as a DJ for more than a decade and since her move to Montreal in 2008 has taken her artistic endeavors to new heights exploring the realm of sound installation. Her first project, ///Friction, involves three bicycles that produce and manipulate sounds to create a multimedia psychedelic bike ride. Her second project, Poisson Passion, which started as a classroom project at Concordia University, is currently being redeveloped for a gallery installation to be presented at Les Territoires in January 2013 alongside works by Brandon Ballangee, Alison Loader, and Kelly Andres.  In this work, which investigates the relationship of fish responding to different sounds, in a giant-sized aquarium, fishes’ movements will trigger sounds played back to the fish themselves and the human viewers of the work.  For her latest project, Windcatcher, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, she is designing and building three musical instruments which will be played by the wind.  Additionally, Claire just released her first EP on Lost Land Records (Italy) in May 2012.  When she is not busy creating and recording, Claire enjoys the many delights of Montreal’s cultural playground and writes about her experiences in the Scout Network Blog.


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