Copyright in Context

On April 25, 2012

In the ‘participative web’ many questions are raised by remix culture: what are the implications of ‘user-generated content’ for ownership, creative transformation, and professional/amateur labour? what can be considered fair dealing in the context of sampling?  In this project, Juliet Lammers and Claire Kenway interviewed youth about their uses of digital technologies for creating and remixing music through sampling, DJing, and digital mashups; their knowledge of copyright legislation and fair dealing; and their thoughts on alternatives to the current copyright regime, including Creative Commons.


FAQ on Copyright

Juliet Lammers & Claire Kenway

Technology allows what copyright forbids.
-Olivier Charbonneau, Creative Commons Volunteer

In the digital millennium news, entertainment, and information can be transferred near and far in mere seconds, raising a host of questions about copyright and culture. What is intellectual property? How do we manage dissemination? How do we ensure creators are compensated? How do creators allow their work to be shared with private users without making it available to commercial users? Where do we draw the line between private and common, between commodity and culture?  When is an idea a possession and when is it knowledge?  These are only some of the questions that we have come to face in our digital age.

Copyright In Context is designed to help young Canadians think about some of the issues around copyright protection, violation, and alternatives. We began by speaking with young Canadians (by young, we mean 18-30) about how the Internet has become integrated into their lives. We asked them about their downloading and streaming habits, what they thought was fair in terms of copyright, and how they felt about the digital dissemination of their own creations. Based on these conversations, we came up with four basic themes that we thought encompassed the copyright issue: copyright, culture, the Internet, and alternatives to copyright. We then created several short video clips to address each theme. We spoke with artists, djs, a copyright law student, the owner of a record label, and a creative commons expert to get their different perspectives on the issues around copyright in the digital age.

We have chosen an interactive non-linear display format that allows you, the viewer, to choose which clip you will watch next. Once you have watched the introduction, there will be three different clips for you to choose from. Each time you watch the korsakow film it will be a little different. Sometimes it will be shorter, sometimes a little longer – it depends on how you navigate the film. We thought a non-linear format would be an interesting way to learn about the issue and would give the viewer the opportunity to develop his or her own understanding and position on the matter.

Many of the clips that we have used in this piece are taken from the Internet. We do not own nor did we purchase the rights to these clips. We have provided a source for each clip in an effort to acknowledge the creators. We hope Copyright in Context inspires you to think, discuss, and learn more about the issues around copyright. Enjoy!

Copyright in Context – Fair Dealing Sources